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Published Academic papers



Moore, T., Guichard, V. & Álvarez Sanchís, J. 2020. The place of archaeology in integrated cultural landscape management. A case study comparing landscapes with Iron Age oppida in England, France and Spain. Journal of European Landscapes 1: 9-28

Moore, T. & Tully, G. 2018. Connecting landscapes: Examining and enhancing the relationship between stakeholder values and cultural landscape management in England. Landscape Research 43(6) 769-783.

Tully, G. & Allen, M.J. 2017. Participatory Augering: A methodology for challenging perceptions of archaeology and landscape change. Public Archaeology 16(3-4): 191-213.

Tully, G., Piai, C., Rodríguez-Hernández, J.  & Delhommeau, E. 2019. Understanding Perceptions of Cultural Landscapes in Europe: A Comparative Analysis Using ‘Oppida’ Landscapes. IThe Historic Environment: Policy & Practice, 10 (2)198-223

Alvarez-Sanchis, J.R. and Rodriguez Hernandez, J. 2016. Engagement strategies for Late Iron Age oppida in North-Central Spain (Estrategias de compromiso en los oppida  de la Edad del Hierro de la Meseta Norte española) Complutum, 2016, Vol. 27 (2): 401-415

Rodríguez-Hernández, J. & David González-Álvarez, D. 2020. Luna Celta
historical re-enactment, central Spain: Iron Age alive!, International Journal of Heritage Studies,

Project Reports

Tully, G. and Moore, T. 2017. Data collection  and research  methodology summary.

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Tully, G. 2017. Volunteer Feedback Salmonsbury Fieldwork. 


Tully, G. 2017. Volunteer Feedback Bagendon Fieldwork.

Tully, G. and Moore, T. 2018.  STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT IN CULTURAL LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT IN ENGLAND: A CASE STUDY FROM THE COTSWOLDS. Enhancing sustainable management practice through mapping stakeholder networks and promoting knowledge exchange. Draft report. 

[note this document is currently password protected - please contact Tom Moore, Durham University for access]



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