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Welcome to the REFIT website. Here you will find resources for everyone interested in the cultural landscapes of Bagendon (UK), Salmonsbury (UK), Bibracte (France) and Ulaca (Spain). These places all have fascinating histories as well as many different uses and diverse stakeholders in the present. All four cultural landscapes contain important heritage in the form of Late Iron Age oppida but also have significant ecological and economic value today.  Here you will be able to see what the project is all about, find ways of taking part in research and events, hear the latest news, find relevant resources and get in touch with your ideas and feedback.  






The REFIT project has been made possible by funding from the British, French and Spanish authorities through the Joint Heritage European Programme's (JHEP), Joint Heritage Initiative (JHI), Heritage Plus scheme. The project adheres to Horizon 2020 and EU ethical guidelines, and follows the data protection protocols of each partner nation. For more information, please contact us at

Looking at Landscape Management: An Introduction to the REFIT Project

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